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MEXICAN HOUSE are a Itaporoca condominium in Altos de Itapororoca, a privileged place nestled between the jungle and the sea, with one of the most spectacular views of the place and with all the amenities, 4 km from the center of Trancoso, in line coastal...

Trancoso is one of the most beautiful destinations of the Bahian coast and offers a variety of services, ranging from gastronomy to international Bahia and the most spectacular landscapes of the Brazilian coast.

Brazil was born here and the places are full of history.

It has a large living and dining room in the same setting, open kitchen, large pantry.

  • Two very large Suites
  • Toilette
  • Air Conditioning
  • Big Seafront Deck
  • Greek Terrace
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Altos de Itaporoca - Itaporoca (4 km from Trancoso's Historic Centre) - Porto Seguro - Bahia - Telephone: +55 73 3668-1200 | contato

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